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Our law firm specialises in trust services, offering expert guidance in establishing, managing, and protecting trusts. With our deep knowledge of trust structures and legal regulations, we provide tailored solutions to safeguard your assets and achieve your financial goals.

Phoenix law trusts

In the realm of wealth management and asset protection, trusts are powerful and versatile tools. They offer a structured approach to safeguarding your assets, managing your financial affairs, and achieving tax-effective solutions. At Phoenix Law, we understand the significance of trusts in securing your financial future, and we are dedicated to providing a wide array of trust services to meet your unique needs.

Constructive & Resulting Trusts

Constructive and resulting trusts can arise from various legal situations. Whether you're dealing with property disputes, inheritance matters, or complex financial transactions, we offer expert advice and legal support to navigate the intricacies of these trust types.

Special Disability Trusts

Special Disability Trusts play a crucial role in providing for the long-term financial well-being of loved ones with disabilities. Our trust services include guidance on establishing and managing these trusts to ensure that individuals with special needs are properly cared for.

Tax-Effective Trust Advice

Managing your finances tax-effectively is essential for optimising your wealth. Our experts provide tailored advice on tax-effective trust structures, helping you minimise tax liabilities and maximise your financial gains.

Discretionary Trusts

Discretionary trusts offer flexibility in managing your assets and distributing income. We assist in establishing and managing these trusts to meet your specific objectives, whether they involve family wealth management or business assets.

Fixed Unit Trusts

Fixed unit trusts are commonly used for property investments and various business structures. Our trust services encompass the establishment, management, and legal support for fixed unit trusts, ensuring that your investment goals are met.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a core concern for many individuals and businesses. We offer strategic guidance on trust structures that protect your assets from potential risks and legal liabilities, providing peace of mind in an unpredictable world.

Your Financial Security, Our Expertise

At Phoenix Law, we recognise that trusts are not just about financial management; they are about securing your wealth and ensuring that your assets are protected for future generations. Our commitment is to provide expert guidance, tailored to your unique circumstances, to ensure that your financial goals are achieved.

Contact Phoenix Law today and discover how our comprehensive trust services can empower you to safeguard your assets and achieve your financial objectives with confidence and peace of mind.


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